Do the Dam thing, and Head Home…

Waking up on the road yet again, this time in our final City, we were excited to see the sights. We slept for just a few hours and were up and at it again. This morning was hot! Like super was Vegas hot. We had made it. We covered 10 states in two... Continue Reading →


From Nissan’s to Cadillac’s…

When I last left off, my road trip buddies and I had just arrived in Clinton Oklahoma, and we slept for a few hours.  Well waking up here I realized something I was not prepared for.  Its cold out west!!  I think I packed more for the warm weather I was expecting but the wind... Continue Reading →

Viva La Road Trip…

A few posts ago I had spoken about fate, and how it was shaping my life in ways that I couldn't ever have imagined.  I had just come back from my adventure in Tarpon Springs, and I was in Jacksonville less than 24 hours when I was leaving on my next trip.  I was about... Continue Reading →

Doozer goes Greek….

Sometime last year I went to a Foodie event at a place here in Jacksonville called Greek Street Cafe.  The food was amazing, the owners were friendly, and I made some new friends that night.  This was a perfect little event, and it kind of had me wanting more.  I was thinking about how much... Continue Reading →

There’s a tear in my Beer…

I hope that some of ya'll know the song reference here..if not, its Hank Williams. Both Hank Sr and Jr tunes are things that I heard all during my childhood. My Daddy knew his country music, and made sure that I did as well. I loved every minute of it. There was something about the... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a River Run…

There is a quote that I have loved since I was a teenager, when I first discovered Jim Morrison and The Doors.  "There are things known, and there are things unknown, and in between are the Doors."  At certain points in my life it has meant different things; some far more overly dramatic than others.... Continue Reading →


There are many ways that you could take this title, and I'm sure ya'll can follow me down just about any path by now.  This is going to be a short post, and sorry folks, no pics of Suzy Doozer stripped down! I have done much thinking in the last month or so about the... Continue Reading →

Burgers and Birthdays…

Y'all listen..since the last time I posted, I feel like so much has happened!  Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day, the routine.  There are times that I honestly wonder, where did this week go? I sometimes admittedly spread myself too thin with the things that I would like to take part... Continue Reading →

Yelping it up All over Town..

As most of you know at this point, I am a part of something called Yelp.  Its a website, and phone app where you go to find new and interesting places.  Five years ago it all began with me looking for the best fried green tomatoes in Jacksonville.  I then started going to events with... Continue Reading →

Doozer takes the Plunge..

Each year as the New Year approaches people all over, young and old decide to make resolutions.  Some of them don't make it past the end of the first month, and I am certain there are some that turn into huge life changes.  I myself have not made a New Year's resolution in a long... Continue Reading →

Smokey the Bear gets Savage

My fabulous friend from Yelp that I went to the Food and Wine Festival in Disney texted me recently, and asked-hey you wanna go to the fair and drink free wine?  Well yes, yes I would like to!  So we arrive at the "wine down" which featured free wine from San Sebastian Winery in St... Continue Reading →

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